Perfume And Fragrances : Time Line


Invention of steam distillation by Avicenna.

Invention of water-cooled condenser. (1150)
Discovery of alcohol - Rhases. (1150)
Perfumer's Charter granted by Phillipe Auguste. (1190)

"Hungary Water" - the first known alcohol based perfume.

Basil Valentine rediscovers alcohol, beginning the alcohol based perfume industry.

Charles I of England imposes excise duty on soap, encouraging an increase in the use of perfumes.

The Perfumers' charter renewed by Louis XIV, mandating a four year apprenticeship, plus three years companion-work before being admitted to the French Master Perfumers' Guild.

Ets. Antoine Chiris founded in Grasse, France.

4711 Echt Kolnisch Wasser, Muelhens. (1792)
Vacuum distillation and Fractional distillation invented.
House of Atkinson established.

Benzaldehyde discovered in Bitter Almonds by Mortres.
Composition of Ethyl Alcohol established by Lavoisier & Saussure.

Isolation of Vanillin from vanilla pods.

House of Worth established.
Ethyl Alcohol synthesized by Hennel.
House of Guerlain established.


House of Hermes established.
House of Proctor & Gamble established.

Pond's Extract.

Coumarin isolated from Tonka beans by Wohler.

Coumarin synthesized by Perkin and Graebe.
Heliotropine synthesized by Fittig and Mielck.

Vaseline, Chesebrough. (1870)
Colgate Toothpaste. (1873)
House of Roger et Gallet established.
Geraniol is isolated from Palmarosa Oil.
House of Shiseido established.
Vanillin is synthesized by Haarman and Tiemann.
Eugenol is isolated.
Phenylethyl alcohol is synthesized.

Fougère Royale, Houbigant (1882)
First perfume to use synthetic chemical: coumarin
Mum Deodorant. (1888)
Jicky, Guerlain. (1889)
House of Beiersdorf & Co. established.
House of Lever Brothers established.
California Perfume Company founded. (Later to become Avon)
Menthol synthesized.
House of Johnson & Johnson established.
The Dow Chemical Company established.
"Musc Baur" is synthesized. (first Musk-like chemical)
Citronellol is synthesized.

Citral is isolated from Lemongrass Oil.
The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association founded.


L'Origan, Coty. (1905)
The Monsanto Chemical Co. founded.
The Gillette Co. founded.
House of Caron established.
Gamma Undecalactone, C14 peach, is synthesized.
Muscone is isolated from natural Musk.
House of Max Factor established.

Nivea Crème (1911)
House of Elizabeth Arden established.
House of Jean Patou established.
House of Myrurgia established.

Chanel No 5. (1921)
House of Faberge established.
House of Bonne Bell established.
Parfums Weil established.

Je Reviens, Worth. (1932)
Blue Grass, Arden. (1934)
Muguet des Bois, Coty. (1936)
Old Spice. (1937)
Schocking, Schiaparelli. (1937)

Air-Wick. (1945) Vent Vert, Balmain. (1945)
Ma Griffe, Carven. (1946)
L'Air du Temps, Ricci. (1947)
Miss Dior, Dior. (1947)
Cabochard, Grès. (1949)
Parfums Robert Piquet founded.
Maison de Couture Grès established.
Estee Lauder Beauty Preparations founded.
Parfumerie Jean D'Albret-Orlane founded.
Parfums Carven established.
Parfums Jacques Griffe established.
American Society of Perfumers founded.

Youth Dew, Lauder. (1952)
Wind Song, Matchabelli. (1953)
Intimate, Revlon. (1955)
Pino Silvestre, Vidal. (1955)
Diorissimo. (1956)
Vetiver, Carven. (1957)
Cabochard, Grès. (1959)
Tabac Original, Maurer & Wirtz. (1959)
Christian Dior founded.
Maison de Couture Givenchy established.
Martin and Synge awarded Nobel prize for invention of gas-liquid chromatography.
House of Alberto-Culver founded.
Lilial is developed.
Lyral is marketed.

Mme. Rochas, Rochas. (1960)
Calèche, Hermes. (1961)
Y, Yves St. Laurent. (1964)
Monsieur Lanvin, Lavin. (1964)
Brut, Fabergé. (1964)
Habit Rouge, Guerlain. (1964)
Aramis, Aramis. (1965)
Fidji, Laroche. (1966)
Eau Sauvage, Dior. (1966)
Norell, Revlon. (1969)
Calandre, Paco Rabanne. (1969)
Oscar de la Renta founded.
Oleg Cassini founded.
House of Yves St. Laurent is founded.
House of Aramis established.
House of Parfums Paco Rabanne established.

Chanel No 19, Chanel. (1970) Royal Copenhagen, Swank. (1970)
Alliage, Lauder. (1972)
Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Paco Rabanne. (1973)
Charlie, Revlon. (1973)
Coriandre, Couturier. (1973)
Halston, Halston. (1975)
Chloé, Lagerfeld. (1975)
Grey Flannel, Geoffrey Beene. (1976)
Opium, Yves St Laurent. (1977)
Oscar, Oscar de la Renta. (1977)
White Linen, Lauder. (1978)
Lauren, Ralph Lauren. (1978)
Polo, Ralph Lauren. (1978)
Anais, Anais, Cacharel. (1979)
House of Crabtree & Evelyn established.
IFRA established.
House of Lagerfeld established.

Giorgio, Giorgio Beverly Hills. (1981) Stetson, Coty. (1981)
Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche. (1982)
Paris, Yves St Laurent. (1983)
Coco, Chanel. (1984)
Poison, Dior. (1985)
Obsession, Calvin Klein. (1985)
Beautiful, Lauder. (1986)
Calyx, Perscriptives. (1987)
Eternity, Calvin Klein. (1988)
Cool Water, Davidoff. (1988)
New West, Aramis. (1988)
Samsara, Guerlain. (1989)
International Federation of Aromatherapists formed.
Ralph Lauren established.
Calvin Klein established.
Christian La Croix established.

Tresor, Lancome. (1990) Egoiste, Chanel. (1990)
Escape, Calvin Klein. (1991)
Dune, Dior. (1992)
Angel, Thierry Mugler. (1992)
L'eau D'Issey, Issey Miyake. (1992)
Gaultier,Jean Paul Gaultier. (1993)
Vanilla Fields, Coty. (1993)
CK One, Calvin Klein. (1994)
Pleasures, Lauder. (1995)
Tommy, Tommy Hilfiger. (1995)
Allure, Chanel. (1996)
Cool Water Women, Davidoff. (1996)
Happy, Clinique. (1997)
Romance, Ralph Lauren. (1998)
Good Life, Davidoff. (1998)
Allure for Men, Chanel. (1998)
Good Life for Women, Davidoff. (1999)
Donna Karan established.
Todd Oldham established.
Tom Ford established.
Dolce & Gabanna established.

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