Perfume And Fragrances : Layering

Everyone wants their fragrance to last as long as possible throughout the day. One of the easiest ways to make a fragrance long lasting is to use several products from the same fragrance range.

Using a number of products with the same fragrance at the same time is called 'Layering'. As mentioned, Layering is the easiest ways of creating a long-lasting fragrance, as many perfume houses now offer a complete range of bath and body products all with the same fragrance.

Exactly how you layer your fragrance is entirely up to you. For example, you could start with a bath and shower gel or a relaxing soak in a bath laced with fragrant oil. Either of these not only refresh and cleanse, but also act as an all-over foundation for building your fragrance layer.

Next, you could use a body cream or body lotion for added moisture, this also adds another layer or 'hint' of fragrance. If you follow the layering process through a number of stages you will only need a light spray of perfume, the final layer, to make the fragrance last throughout the day.

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