Perfume And Fragrances : Persian Times

In Persia, perfume was a sign of rnk.

In the palaces one could see kings with crowns of myrrh and of labyzuz and smell the aromas of sweetly smelling scents drifting in the air of their apartments.

In the backyards of homes belonging to the wealthy existed exquisite gardens of jasmine, lilacs, violets, and the famous red rose, whose petals covered the floor when Cleopatra first met Mark Antony.

The red rose would become the symbol of the House of Lancaster during the War of the Roses. The red rose was known all over the world for its fragrance that increased in intensity as the petals dried.

The Persians began to master the art of preservation by placing the rose buds in sealed earthenware jars to be later opened for a special occasion. Persians also used perfumes after bathing.

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