Perfume And Fragrances : Perfume Tips

Testing Fragrances:
Testing fragrances is an individual experience as everyone likes different scents. When you try a fragrance, let it evaporate naturally on the inside of your wrist.

To try a perfume, apply a few drops, or the lightest spray, to your wrist. Do not rub the fragrance once it has been applied to the skin. Rubbing damages the scent molecules of the perfume and can change the fragrance notes.

Before smelling the applied fragrance, you should wait about a minute to allow the first note of the fragrance to be released above the alcohol and also allows your individual skin oil content and pH balance to reflect how the actual scent will develop in combination with your own body chemistry.

Avoid testing more than 3 fragrances at any one time to avoid your olfactory senses become saturated. Once your olfactory senses become saturated it makes it almost impossible to distinguish the different scents.

Fragrance Application:
it is highly recommended that you apply perfume to the 'pulse points' and warmer areas of the body where blood circulation is closest to the surface of the skin.

The 'pulse points' on the body include the wrists, the inside of the elbows, on the temples, under the ear lobe (not behind) and behind the knees. If you use an Eau de Toilette, spray it approximately 20 cm away from your skin.

Enjoy the pleasure of your favorite fragrance's body range. These products will help not only to intensify your fragrance, and help to make your fragrance last longer (Layering).

Storage And Shelf Life:
Fragrance should be stored out of direct light in a cool dry place. Once you open your fragrance, try to use it within six months. Beyond this period, the fragrance may start to alter due to its exposure and contact with the surrounding air, body heat and light.

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