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There is not so many independent countries in this region and their national flags are less known in the world. Almost all of them are striped in different color combinations, except of the Gold and Green rectangle of Brazil and the Golden Arrow of Guyana.

Among the most recognized state symbols of the South American countries are the flags of Brazil and Argentina, mostly thanks to the football victories and the worldwide known sport stars.

Flags of the independent countries of South America in alphabetical order
Flag of ArgentinaArgentina
Flag of BoliviaBolivia
Flag of BrazilBrazil
Flag of ChileChile
Flag of ColombiaColombia
Flag of EcuadorEcuador
Flag of GuyanaGuyana
Flag of ParaguayParaguay
Flag of PeruPeru
Flag of SurinameSuriname
Flag of UruguayUruguay
Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela

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