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There are 7 continents in the world and 6 of them are divided by independent countries and territories.

All countries of the World

By Continents:
Countries of Asia
Countries of Africa
Countries of Europe
Countries of North America
Countries of South America
Countries of Australia and Oceania

All capitals of the World

By Continents:
Capitals of Asia
Capitals of Africa
Capitals of Europe
Capitals of North America
Capitals of South America
Capitals of Australia and Oceania

Flags of the World

By Continents:
Flags of Asia
Flags of Africa
Flags of Europe
Flags of North America
Flags of South America
Flags of Australia and Oceania

World Currencies

By Continents:
Currencies of Asia
Currencies of Africa
Currencies of Europe
Currencies of North America
Currencies of South America
Currencies of Australia and Oceania

World Time Zones

Time Zones Australia
Time Zones Canada
Time Zones Canada Cities
Time Zones Russia
Time Zones USA
Time Zones USA Cities


Country Domains Name
Country Calling Codes
World Info in Arabic

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