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This continent is combining a mainland, wholly occupied by the country of Australia, with the lot of island nations of Oceania whose names are less known. Some of them are the former and present British territories, that's why on their flags we can see the Union Jack in the up left corner.

The most recognized national flags in this region are the Australian Southern Cross and New Zealand's Southern Cross, called so by the name of constellation represented on them.

Flags of the independent countries of Australia and Oceania in alphabetical order
Flag of AustraliaAustralia
Flag of FijiFiji
Flag of KiribatiKiribati
Flag of Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands
Flag of MicronesiaMicronesia
Flag of NauruNauru
Flag of New ZealandNew Zealand
Flag of PalauPalau
Flag of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea
Flag of SamoaSamoa
Flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands
Flag of TongaTonga
Flag of TuvaluTuvalu
Flag of VanuatuVanuatu

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