Time According to Quran and Science

A symposium on ‘Time according to Quran and Science” which has been conducted by the Association of Scientific Miracles in Quran and Sunnah” it its cultural activities in Cairo. Dr. Mansoor Hassab El Nabi addressed the symposium. He assumed that Quran always opens new horizons of thoughts for thinkers and scientist. He emphasized that the right types of science and knowledge leads, always, to faith and believe. He confirmed that there is no contradiction between science and Quran. Therefore scientist must initiate their theories carefully and religious scholars must interpret the Quranic verse correctly. Dr. Mansoor added that Quran dealt with so many scientific issues such as the creation of the cosmos, the issue of time and place. Quran says that Allah, The Almighty has created the Universe in six days. But we must know that days of Allah are not necessarily similar to the days we, human beings, know, because time is proportionate matter and not an absolute issue. This fact goes hand in hand with the conclusions of the modern science and the theory proportionate. Time occupies an important place and role in the life of not only the animate creations, but also the life of the in animate. All of us measure the time to know the age of things. For example the radio cative material such as the uranium and Radium as well as the coral line reef all are turned by radiation into lead. Each radio cative element has particular rate of turning into another elements. Some scientists have used some radio cative materials such as Uranium and Carbon 14 to determine the age of earth. The scientists used also the phenomenon of cosmic extension and widening to determine the age of earth. Dr. Mansoor dealt with the (age of cosmos) as an issue that emphasis the existence of Allah. The Almighty. Because if the earth is having an age then it is having a beginning and if it has a beginning then it has been created by a creator because it cannot begin itself by itself. Quran asked man to probe and know how the creation began it opines. ‘And say more on earth and see how the creation has began” This Quranic verse indicates many points. It tells us that probing the issues related to the beginning of earth would enable Man to know how the creation has began and that such a divine will enable man to realize the age of the existence of may creations on earth. The six days which has been mentioned in Quran was duration for the creation of cosmos is indicating various periods in which the cosmos has undergone the process of creation. It is not similar in its duration to the days which man knows today. This six days (six periods) have been divided into three periods: Firstly, two days (one period) for the creation of earth from the smoking sky. The skies and earth were one unit and they were separated by an explosion. Secondly, two days (one period) for the creation of seven skies. Thirdly, two days (one period) for managing the boons and maintenance for those who will need it. Dr. Mansoor assumed that there is a vast period which separates the creation of earth and the creation of Man. If the above three periods are manipulated for the purpose of calculating the age of earth, then the period between the creation of earth and the appearance of Man which has been estimated to be 4.5 billions can be multiplied in three and the age of cosmos can be estimated to be 13.5 billion years. Some other scientists estimate the age of cosmos in different ways depending on the cosmos extension, the red displacement, etc. Depending on these factors the estimate the age of cosmos to be 13 or 15 billions years.