Matter and the mate of matter

We all know that Allah has created the human and made him into male and female. Allah says in the holy Quran: (mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in a sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you, and God has full knowledge and is well aquainted (with all things). So that the human could have a companion and the acquaintance and strong good ties would spread among his creatures. This system of creation was not among human only, but was extended also to include the kingdom of animals: Allah says (That he did create in pairs – male and female, from a seed when lodged (in its place)). And Allah says: (WE said “Embark therein, of each kind two, male and female”) and so was the case with the kingdom of plant. Allah says: (and fruit of every kind, he made in pairs, two and two). This shows that humans and most kinds of animals and plants were created in male and female. This is what the Quran tells us and Biology teacher. In addition to this, we find in the following verse more generalizations where Allah Says; (And of everything we have created pairs, that ye may receive instruction). The word “thing we together with the people who preceded us have understood it to be inclusive to contain humans, plants and animals. Since the Quran has included them all in this verse and told us that all creatures were made up of males and females. This could be so, but we realize that the verse includes more these groups; it extends to include the non – living creatures. Does this mean that the non – living creatures are classified into males and females? To answer this question, lets wonder a little in the physics of tiny bodies. In the first half of the twentieth century, An English physicians, called Dirak, was doing his research on electronic equations (We know that electrons are tiny bodies which has negative charge that go around the nucleus. Dirak discovered that equations had two solutions, not only one. Any one who deals with the equations of the second degree easily understands this; because the equation of the second degree include an unknown square quantity; and that the square quantity is always positive. This means that the multiplication of x2 always gives the same result. This means that the square root also gives the same root. For example, the square root of 4 is either +2 or –2; the square of any will result in 4(the same result). Dirak’s equation were more complicated but it’s the same idea. He got two groups of equations: one for the negative charge electrons and the second for an unknown positive charge bodies. He made some unsuccessful attempts to explain the mystery of this unknown body since he had strong believe in its presence, However, the physicians ignored his idea of the presence of a positive charge body which is equivalent to the electrons, as does the engineer who ignores the solutions of a second degree equations that give solutions of negative lengths and sizes. Some years after Dirak’s theoretical works, in the beginnings of the thirtieth, the effects of this unknown body while studying the effect of the magnetic field on the unknown body in an apparatus called the cloud chambre. It was discovered that the size of that body is equal to the size of the electron and that it has a positive charge which is equal to the charge of the electron. Thus, this body was called the (positron)) i.e. (the anti electron). Hence, they started looking for mates of other bodies, since the presence of an electron mate means the presence of mates for other bodies. Actually, the discovery of such mates began one by one and they were classified into groups. We are not interested in their details but on the final result which is the presence of a mate for every body. The discovery of the presence of a mate for the matter indicates to us the possibility of the presence of another world which is equivalent to our materialistic world, and that is made up of mates of bodies i.e. mater of matter. Where is this world that is made up of mates of matter? This is the question that no one has an answer for. The Earth is bassically made of matter (cosmic) and not of a mater of matter. As for the mate of the matter which is produced in the rays or particle accelerator does not live long in the atom sphere of the earth. Once its speed decreases it dies when it faces its equivalent matter that fills the atomsphere of the earth. It is known that once the body meets ints mate, or the matter meets its mate, then they will destroy each other in an explosive way which turns both of them into a power, most of which is in Jamma rays form. One of the mysteries that puzzled physicians is the quantity of mates that is included in the building of the universe. Is the earth a mini example of the universe? Does the matter exceeds its mate in the whole universe as is the case with the earth? We could possibly state that the percentage of mates of matter is very small in its sphere; otherwise most of it will spread among other stars and our explorers would register bigger quantities of Jamma rays. But who can confirm that the situation is not different than that which is found in other remote spheres of the Universe. There might also be special spheres of mate matter; if that is so, then what prevents that sphere and its mate from coming together and then vanish by exploding? Is it the vast empty spaces made by Allah to separate the spheres and their mates? Does this theory give us an explanations of what Allah says; (it is God who sustains the heavens and the earth, that they cease (to function), and if they should fail, there is non-not one – can sustain them thereafter. Verily He is Most Forbearing. Oft-Forgiving). The explosion vanishing of these spheres and their mates result in a large energetic power which makes the sky red like ointment. Allah says: (When the sky is rent a sunder, and it becomes red like ointment). And we don’t know how the sky becomes a sunder, and which part is rent asunder. However, if this happens and the sphere and its mate vanishes, then this means that the interior part of it will vanish and the whole universe will be distributed into two parts and the stars will vanish and become unclear. Allah says; (Then when the starts become dim, when the heaven is cleft asunder) and if the stars vanish this way and it changes into energetic power, then the power which pulls these stars together will vanish and the stars scatter. Allah says: (when the sky is cleft asunder, when the stars are scattered), and this results in disorders in earth. Allah saysLWhen the oceans are suffered to burst forth) and says (When the mountains vanish (like a mirage). And (When the graves are turned upside down). These are the signs of the hour when everything dies and vanished and its only Allah who lasts forever.. The physics of bodies and its mates may give us an explanation for it since the destruction and vanishing of matter and its mate has become a scientific truth, which happens daily in particle accelerator which turns energy into matter. If we turn back again to the verse (and of everything we have created pairs), we can positively answer the question on the presence of matter and non-human beings in pairs – males and females of matter and its mate. This verifies the general explanation of the verse: (And everything we have created pairs that ye may received instruction). It should be mentioned that the Muslims physicians – Mohammed Abdel Salam – Pakistani – who received the Nobel prize on Physics in 1979, had done important researches on the physics of bodies and their mates. He was the scientist who introduced the theory that combines two of the main four powers which influence the universe. The two powers are the electromagnetic power and the weak nuclear power. This scientist, after being rewarded the Nobel Prize, stated that the Quranic verse (And of everything we have created pairs) had influenced his instincts and pushed him forth during his research works. Extracted from (Ayat Quraniya in Mishkat Al –elem) by Dr. Yahyah Al-Mihjari)