Fear and Rain

The first battle fought by the Prophet Muhammed against the un believers was Great Badr battle. Muslims were very few in number whereas unbelievers were in large numbers. Un believers were confident that they will defeat Muslims. They thought so because they depended on their own materialistic calculation which assume victory for armies of large numbers. The time of battle approached and the situation became tense. Quran described it by saying “And remember when ye met, He showed them to you as few in your eyes: And He made u appear As contemptible in their eyes : That Allah might accomplish A matter already enacted [8:44]. Un believer found the number of Muslims about three hundred holy warrior. The number of unbelievers was two thousand out of which two hundreds were fairs ( the single Fairs stands against ten ordinary fighters). As the above Quranic says, the un believers belittled the Muslims because they were few in number and will definitely get defeated. The un believers thought that it will not only be a victory in a battle but it will also be an ideological victory. Therefore they started making a propaganda to exploit the situation and achieve a stronghold over Muslims. The unbelievers out of their confidence of victory started to supplicate and say “Oh Allah give knows who are besiding Truth and who are on the right path. They are the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his companions. Therefore in such circumstances he will not neglect His worshipers. The Prophet realized that the battle is a crucial battle and a turning point in the history of Islam. He prayed and appealed for help and aid from Allah and Allah accepted his appeal. Quran says “Remember ye implored The assistance of your Lord, And He answered you “I will assist you with a thousand of the angels, Ranks on Ranks, Allah made it but a message of hope, and an assurance To your hearts”[8:9-10]. It means that when Muslims see the soldiers of Allah (the angels) came to help them. Then their hearts will be fearless and stable, however, victory is from Allah it is neither from angels nor from people. Then what happened ? A state of sleeping restored their physical strength and made their morale high but some of them, but some of them, but some of them got night fall. Generally a man who gets night fall must undergo ablution by water so that to be pure for the purpose of prayers and other worshipping activities. But they were in desert and there was no enough water for such a project of ablutions. At morning satan wanted to make a notorious exploitation of this situation. It started a malicious preaching by advising those who got night-fall not to fight otherwise if they die, they will meet Allah and they are impure. However, Allah repulsed the cunning more of satan by sending rain to purify Muslims and expel from them the whisper of satan. Today, medical circles state that when one gets afraid, a specific type of material get secreted in the blood. This material makes limbs unstable. However, to stabilize the limbs and reduce the amount of this destabilizing material it is advisable to scatter water on the subject person. Moreover the rain which was sent by Allah was a material help for stabilizing the sandy soils under the feet. Because if the moving sand becomes wet then it turns to be relatively stable and feet can move on it firmly and without sinking in it. Then what happened the stable sand may be a boon for both, Muslims and unbelievers. But a factor which shakes the balance of power has come in favor of Muslim; it is the angels, Ranks on Ranks”. Then the unbelievers started seeing the number of Muslims had suddenly increased. The unbelievers thought that the Muslims have become double of them. This was a Godly tactics. Quran says “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message); “Iam with you; give firmness to the Believers : Smite ye above their necks And smite all their Finger-tips off them” [8:12] Source : “Knowledge is the path for faith” By : Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani