The prophet Mohammed PBUH SAID How good the blood letter who relief’s the person from bad blood dries up the swelling importers eye sight Refer Termini It is said that the prophet PBUH has under gone blood letting paid for the blood letter Refer to Bookman Muslim. The modern scenic diseases blood problems some types of liver disc overed that blood letting can cure some types of heart diseases blood problems some types of liver diseases. When the lungs get congested due to decline in heat beating when all medication mean such as dieresis tying up of hands and legs to reduce the inflow of blood towards the heart fail then letting blood out by the process of blood letting may proof effective curing the decline in heart beating. Moreover in case of sudden in crease in blood pressure which may be accompanied by semi comma condition the inab ility to recognize time place than blood letting may proof effective in curing it some cases of liver diseases such as liver damage which does not respond to other medication measures can be cured by blood letting. Some blood diseases such as increase in crease in the quan tity of the hemoglobin may require treat ment by blood letting so that to avoid any side effects. It is important to mention that the numbers of red cells increase with those who lire in high mount aneous areas where there is some times shortage of Oregon It may be caused also by excessive heat which in states sweat glands conseq gently incases also the numbers of red cells. Therefore to restore the numbers of hemoglobin number of red cells it is a dried to adop blood letting measure. The prophet Mohammed by blood letting. He says how good is medication by blood letting. Source EL Iejaz ELImi FiEL Quran Wal Sunnael Nabawye By Mohammed Kamil Abdd Samad