Sunshine and Moon light

Allah has differentiated between the sunshine and moonlight. Quern says “He who made the sun a shine and the moon a light. However if we search for the meaning of these two different terms in any modern dictionary we would find that most dictionaries do not different Taito between them. They consider them as synonyms. But Allah the creator of all things has different tailed between them. Then is there is any scientific reason behind such a differ nitration Lets read some Quranic verses which deal with the rays of the sun the moon Quranic says He made the moon a source of height made the sun a lamp We have Beirut above you seven huge skies and we have made a glowing lamp It is clear that Allah has made the sun resembles the lamp and again in anther Quranic Verse He made it to resemble the glowing lamp –Lamp is the source of ray which is generated from oil or electricity But the ray of the room has been repeatedly called light. However it we review our knowledge of physics which we got at the school level, we will find that there are two sources of light the deirecl sources as such sun stars, lamp candle etc.the indirect sources such as moon and planets the indirect sources do not generate light but reflect it whereas the sun the lamp the candle share the characters tics of producing light therefore Allah compared the sun with the lamp or the glowing lamp and he did not compare the moon with lamp he called what the sun produces as light the sun is a glowing lamp whereas the moon reflects the production of that lamp however because we do not probe into the meaning of the holy Qurain we have not been able to differentiate between the meaning of the two terms therefore even most of the current dictionaries failed to readies it these two terms are considered as synonyms in English languor age French Germany etc but in Arabic they have different meanings. Therefore Arabic is richer in its meaning then many other language. This is basically due to the rich lam gauge of Wan its scientific miracles as well. Source: Ouramic Verses in the light of science By: Dr. Yahya EL mihjari