The Throne of Balqees

Allah, the Exalted in Greatness, says “Said one who had knowledge of the book : ‘I will Bring it to thee within The twinkling of an eye” [27:40] The story of the Prophet Solaiman PBUH and Balqees the Queen of Sabaa and the matter of transferring the throne appears to be a kind of magic. Because how can a creature get the throne of the Queen of Sabaa from a distance of thousands of kilometers just within a fraction of seconds. But modern science assumes that it is possible if we take into consideration our scientific achievement in the 20th century. As far as the question of how it happened at the time of the Prophet Solaiman ? this is our concerned issue. We know that energy and material are two faces of a single coin. Material can be turned into energy and vice versa also is possible on the basis of well known formula. Man successfully, turned material into energy in the nuclear stations and consequently he achieved electricity although his effort in this regard are still in the age of development and promotion. Conversely also, man also succeeded to some extend, to convert energy into material (in the particle accelerator) although the efforts in this regard are still at the level of particles. Therefore, converting energy into material and vice versa is scientifically and practically possible. Material and energy are natural allies. The only obstacle which hinders the current efforts in this process of exchangeable conversion on a wide scale is the difficulties which face its process and control under the current scientific and practical resources. No doubt that the efforts of discovering of easy, practical and scientific ways of converting material into energy and vice versa will require a great scientific and technical advancement. The standard of our knowledge in this regard is still humble. It is just like the level of a child who is learning writing and reading. If man succeeds in future to create easy and available means of conversion of materials into energy and vice versa, a great revolution and drastic change in the norms of daily life. Because in short time and again change it into a material. This will enable man to send and receive whatever he likes in a fraction of a second even if the destination was another planet. The main difficulty which the physicians face to achieve this ambition is the difficulty to re-heating the molecules to achieve its original position. In which it was engaging before converting the material function. Another problem faced by the current electromagnetic waves which currently does not exceed 60% therefore most of it will be wasted in air. All these are a cursory explanation of the problems faced by modern science in the field of converting material into energy and vice versa. To explain the miracle of transferring the throne of Balqees across thousands of kilometers in a fraction of second we can say that the agent who undertook this task, whether a human being or a Jinn, has converted the Throne of Sabbaa into a kind of energy. If not necessary heat energy or electrical energy like that which we are achieving now from nuclear stations. But this kind of energy similar to electrical or light energy which can be sent through electromagnetic waves. The second possible step taken by him was that he might have sent this energy from Sabaa to the King of Solaiman PBUH. Since the speed of the spread of the electromagnetic waves is as the same as the speed of light spreading, e.g. 300000 kilometer per second. It means that the time required to send it the Prophet Solaiman is about a fraction of second. The third possibility, may be that the agent has turned the energy, after its reaching to Solaiman, into material again. He has restored its original shape and content to such extend that each and every atom has returned to its original position. However the man of the man of the 20th century who considers himself as the achiever of everything is still incapable of doing what that agent of Solaiman has done before more than two thousand years. What the 20th century man has succeeded only to convert a part of the heavy element material such as uranium to energy by activating the process of fission in the atoms of these elements. As far as the other nuclear reactions which are achieved by fusing the atoms of the light elements such as the hydrogen and helium which results into creating energy out of sun and stars light man is still incapable of controlling it. Even if man succeeds in controlling atomic energy resultant from the nuclear or atomic fusion, still resultant energy will remain in its primitive and tentative shape and cannot be sent to far distances and destination without wasting a large part of it. Now, the conversion of material into micronic waves is accomplished in a primitive method which requires the changing of materials into heat energy and then into mechanical energy and then electrical energy and finally into micronic waves. Therefore we find that the major part of the material, which we used at the beggning for all these tasks has been wasted in the process of successive conversions and only a small part remains to be sent in the form of micronic waves. Consequently the capability of converting the material into heat energy and then into mechanical energy then into electrical energy and finally into micronic waves would not exceed 20 % not to mention the current technological in adequally in changing the uranium into energy. Only a small part of the uranium amount used for this task is converted into energy and the major part remains in the form of nuclear fuel which radiate its energy for millions of years and change itself into the form of other elements and finally into lead. This is not the end of the task, on the other end, all these waves must be assembled and turn them into energy and then again into material. Each molecule and each atom must restore its original position, however the capacity to assemble these waves and rays and converting them into electrical energy in its same shape at the time of sending does not exceed 50% . this means that what has remained out of the original material, till the last stage after converting it from material into energy till the stage of sending it in the form of electromagnetic waves and micronic waves and then receiving and converting it into energy is only 10%. Nevertheless the last stage of converting that energy into materials is still remaining. It is the process of converting that energy of achieving the material in its original shape. But the 20th century man is still incapable of achieving this last stage and we cannot know the extend of capacity in completing this last step that can be achieved by man in future. But even if we suppose that man has, in the best conditions, succeeded in converting 50% of the remaining energy into material, what we will achieve is less that 5% of the original material which initiated the original process at the beginning. This means that if we start our efforts in this regard by converting the Throne of Balqees, by the way or another into energy and send the resultant energy in the form of micronic waves and again receive these waves and then convert it into energy again, we will find with us only 5% of Balqees Throne. The rest of the throne has been wasted in the process of those conversions as a result of the inadequaly of the process and capacity of converting the energy in its material. The remaining 5% of the original throne will not be sufficient to rebuild even a small part of the throne of Balqees such as the hand or the leg of its chair. Quran has not defined the agent of Solaiman who “had the knowledge of the book” whether he was a human or a Jinn. Many interpreters mentioned that the agent who has performed that task was a human and his name was Asif Bin Barkheya, but we support the idea which identifies him to be a Jinni because the possibility of the existence of a person who has such a high standard of knowledge is weak. That Jinni has succeeded in converting the throne of Balqees into energy and sending it across thousands of kilometers and then converting it back again into its original shape, “a throne” in the course of time less than a fraction of second. If we take into consideration the first offer given to the Prophet Solaiman PBUH by an XXXX in which the XXX said “I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy counsil”[27:39] and realize that the knowledge of the two Jinnis is not equal and the second one has more knowledge but still we will find that the knowledge achieved by the man of the 20th or 21st century is still very poor and backward, compared to that of the two Jinnis who were soldiers in the Army of the Prophet Solaiman before more than two thousand years. Source : Quranic Signs in the light of Science By : Dr.Yahya El Mihjari