Expanding of Cosmos

Before 7929 it was thought that fallacies or bit in haphazard manner seinilar to movement of the molecules of gazes however in 1929 ascintific break though turned this assumption up side down Hable discovered that these millions of phalanxes are gaudily distancing themselves from each other This process of distancing is getting accom plaited in great speed which some times is equal to a fraction of the speed of light Even those fallacies which are near to mear to our glassy (Milk way) with the exception of Andromida, are in contentions process of expansion.This means that the size of the cosmos is in con tenuous expansion . Allah says “And the sky we have created by hands we will enuzde As we know light is formed of seven different colors Each color has awe which has aseptic length vibration .The shortest awe the blue light has the highest vibration whereas the red light has the longest awe but it has the lowest vibration When Hable analyzed the light which comes from the galaxies he has studied he found that in all studied cases, with the exception of Andromida some other near by galaxies there is general widening of the red light . The more widening toward the red more distance of galaxies is from us After this discovering which was made by Hable it became evident that there are huge dark gaps behind these gaps there is a huge gravitational factor which leads to the red widening. Hence the cosmos is expanding from the point of start to the red ray. There fore aOwanic reality which states that “We will envied” has been now confirmed by science which assumes that the cosmos is having beginning from which it expands extends it self Allah says that He created the sky He is the one Who will expand it. This is what is going on now seine billions of years the Cosmos is in a continuos expansion. Many gastronomists have confirmed this fact. There fore it became an unchallenged and confirmed scientific fact. The cosmos is expanding the Earth is Globular rotates around itself rotates around the sun. All these are revealed in Dawn now since is confirming it Swore Irenic Verses in the light of science