The condition of chest in the Higher layers of space

In the first scientific conference about the scietfec miracle in Owen sunna which was held in Islamabad in pakistan,Dr salahul Deen Elmagrabi, amenber the American society of space medicine and ateacher of space medicine in space Medicine Institule in london,has submitted a research which discussed the conlition of humen chest what happens to it when climbbs up in the higher layers of space He said we have vesicles of air when air oxigin enter these vesicles they become pulled, but it we climb up in space, air and oxiging this press ure decrasc, consequently, the vesicles shrink When the vesicles shrink, the chest becomes suffocated breathing becomes more difficult Salahul Deen said that up to ten thousand feet above the level of the see may not affect human chest From 10.000 up to 15.000 thousand of the body man try to accept it self so that to deal with the gradual decrease of pressure which is taking place However from 16000 to 25000 above the level off sea the chest becomes Marrous feels sulfated The person may get affected by comma fainting failure in beathing There fore air craft are supplied by oxigin so that the cabin when people travel in will be adapted for matural breathing even ashen the plane flies above 30.000 or35.000 feet above the sea level if there is failure in the systems of adjusting the pressure air in the cabin then hecnan being may face breathing problems lock of air in the lungs stomach gases get expanded exercise undesirable pressure on the midriff, The midriff on its tern expanded exercise undesirable pressure on the medieff. The midielf on its teen exercises aperture on the lings respiratory system gets suffocated all this are described in the oeeranic verse which says (Those whom Allah cine His plan) Wilted to guide He openeth Their Chest to Islam; Those whom He witlelh to leave straying He maketh their chest close and constricted Asit they had to climb up to the skies thus Doth Allah (heap) the penalty on these who refuse to believe (6:125) so what happens to person who cluinbs up into the space is clearly indicated in this Ouranic verse .This shows that Ouran is the word of Allah it is adcrine Book vereaaled to the prophet Mohammed WAS “pbuh” At the time of thprophet there was planes therefore this fact was not kwon to peaple but Ouran overcalled this Jacted and after four teen centuries the modern sceince got acquain ten with its details Four scholars of meteo rology in the unurersity of king abdel a3i3 parliapated in prepared thes research sour ce (( kuowledqe is the pathfor faith By :Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani