The Heart

Question: Is the heart the centre of prudence and insights in human being? If it was so, what happens when hearts are transplanted or in cases of Artificial hearts, and is the heart which is mentioned in Quran and Sunna is this known physical heart? Answer: Today morning only I got the answer which I have been searching for since a long time we having tracing all materials and news which may quench our search and give us the answer. We have sent one of our brothers to the center of Artificial hearts operations in America. He requested them to speak to the patients. They told him that it is not allowed. They asked him why does he want to speak to them. He said that he wants to meet the patients and ask them some questions. Then what happened is that those who are in charge as of the center became annoyed. They did not understand why does he want to speak to the patients? They informed him that whatever information he wants it will be given to him by them. However he told them that Allah would reveal a matter which would be a miracle. It will be a scientific and miraculous break through that would be the subject of discussion in the next years. He told them that, if Allah wills, they will see and remember. They continued to trace and follow up all the news and day a teacher in the University of King Abdel Aziz asked me if I had heard the news asked him what was the news. He said that it was discovered that the heart is not just a pump of blood, but it is also the center of intellect and prudence. He said Allah is great. He asked the teacher to show him the source of the news. He gave him the news papering which the news were published and it is still with me. Days passed and center of heart operation and artificial hearts was opened in Jordan. We considered it as a suitable chance to get some more information. Then one of the brothers who is tracing and following up the issue said, “Have you heard about the first press conference held by a person who has undergone an artificial heart operation?” I said, No, He said that the person with artificial heart stated that he was suffering from an artificial heart which acts as a mere blood pump. He is suffering from changes in his behaviour and conducts. Later on I got a call from a Sawdi brother who works as a doctor in the field of artificial hearts. He was planning to write a research. I advised him to concentrate on the mental, psychological changes, which affects the person who has undergone an operation of artificial heart. However, he informed me that it is well know today in the medical circles that the new artificial heart is empty from any emotional reactions. It has no reaction to dander whereas the natural heart reacts. It has co reaction to any thing which a person my love whereas the natural heart responds. It is a passive and reactions heart which does not act and react with the rest of the body. I said to him that this state of affairs of the artificial heart would reveal many things and would explain many issues which we are tracing now. Only we have to wait. Already it was discovered now that heart contains prudent hormones. These hormones send messages to the other parts of the body this makes it evident that the heart is the center of prudence and insight and not mere a pump of blood. Allah the exalted says, “And pursue not that of which thou hast No knowledge; for every act of hearing, or be inquired into (on the day of Reckoning) [17:36] Source: “You ask about the scientific Muracles in Quran and Sunna and Shaikh Zindani Answers” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed El Zindani.