Shaking of Soil

In the first scientific conference about the scientific miracles in Quran and Sunna that was held in Islamabad in Pakistan, a scholar of plant said that there is a Quran verse which tells us about a scientific fact discovered in 1827. In 1827 a British scientist by name of Brown has discovered that when the rain reaches the soil it creates shaking & trembling of molecules of soil. The soil contains various molecules that have different types of tins that packed on each other. When rains fall, these different types of this create different types of electrical currents due to the fact that tin may be of different types of minerals. These tins get ionized (the ion is a molecule among a group of molecules which have an electrical current. If the electrical current decreases in some of them they turn into a positive ion & if it increases in some of them they turn into a negative ion) When it rains, these ionic molecules get shaked and as water invades them from different directions (shaking and trembling of these packed ionic molecules is useful because it distances the packed tins & creates gaps where water can enter in-between the tins) they absorb water and their sizes increase. When they become satiated by water they turn to be mineral stores of water inside the soil. Plants get the supply of water for two or three months from these stores. Otherwise if these stores were not formed water will infiltrate to the depth of the soil and plant would die within a week. Therefore, the British scientist found that when rains fall on soil the different packed mineral molecules in the soil get shaked and by their different electrical current they get ionized. What Brown, the British scientist has found has been called by his name. Ironically it has been called “Brown’s Shaking”, whereas it has been mentioned in Quran before fourteen centuries. It has been called by that name because Man is not just and he does not read and inquire. If man wants to be just he should read what Quran said before fourteen century that “And (further) thou seest, the earth barren and lifeless. But when we pouer down Rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)” [22:5] Therefore Quran preceded the modern science in revealing the shaking of soil caused by rain, this is a great evident that Dawn is a divine revelation. It was revealed to the prophet Mohammed “PBUH” to give the most pusper guidance to human life as well as him to offer many secrets of the cosmos which he has to struggle to discover of he does not read and examine the content of Quran. Source “Knowledge is the path for Faith” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani.