The prophet Mohammed PBUH stated that “verily, amongst the countries of Allah, Makka is the most adored country to Allah”. The new scientific discovery which was declared in 1977 and which amazed the scientist says that “Makka is the center of the lands of the world. It took many years to confirm this scientific fact through scientific research. It depended on a group of complicated mathematical tables which the scientists have computerized. The Egyptian scientist Dr. Hussain Kamalud Deen related the story of this amazing discovery. He says: He started a research with a different object. He was preparing a research which gives an instrument to every body all over the world which enable him to recognize the direction of Qibla, “the direction of the location of the holy city Makka” because, during his various tips abroad he felt that this is one of the main problems which faces a Muslim when he wants to pray particularly if the Muslim traveler was in a place which has no a Mosque as it happens to students who study abroad. Therefore, he thought of making a new map to the globe so that to determine the direction of Qubla on it. After laying down the outlines of the research in his preliminary or tentative research, as well as the map of the five continents, this fact, suddenly, appeared to him. He got amazed. The Egyptian scientist found that the Honored Makka city is located at the center of the world. He used a divider and put one of its end on the location of Makka and then he passed the other end on ends of all continents. It confirmed to him that the dry land on earth is distributed around the holy city of Makka in a regular manner and consequently he found Makka to be the center of the dry land on earth. Again he prepared the map of the old world before the discovery of America and Australia and he repeated the experiment. Again he found Makka to be the center of the dry land even in the case of the old world. Dr. kamalud Deen says. I started my research by drawing a map that measures the distances of all location on earth from Makka. Then I linked between the longitudes which are equal so that to know how the longitudes and latitudes would appear in relation to location of Makka. Then I drew the borders of the continents and the other details on this web of lines. The experiment need to perform some of the complicated mathematical formula by the help of computer so that to determine the required distances and cures. It also required a computer program that helps to draw the web of longitude and latitude. Only by chance, I found that I can draw a circle which makes Makka its center and its border out of the six continents of the world and the surrounding of this circle orbits with the border of the external continents. Then, Makka and by the power of Allah, is the heart of the earth. This correlates with what has been expressed by science in the discovery of scientist that it is the center of radiation gathering of the magnetic gravitation, which is a strange phenomena experienced by whoever visited Makka for performing Hajor Ounra in a state of heart piety. Such a pilgrimage feels an intuitive attraction to whatever in it. Its land, mountains and its entire corner. He feels a desire to get melted in and merged with its entity by his heart and body. This is a continuous feeling which exists since the creation of Earth. The earth like other planets and stars undergoes a continuous process of gravitation with other planets and stars the earth is affected by this gravitation therefore it releases what we may call a radiation. This inner meeting point was discovered by an American scientist of topographia. He confirmed its existence and location from a geographical point of view. In this regard he was not having any religious motive behind it. In his laboratory, he accomplished great efforts which made him to work day by right. He worked and examined the map of the earth and by the help of various tools and instruments. Then he unintentionally discovered that the center of meeting of the cosmic radiation is Makka. Here appears the wisdom behind the saying of the prophet Mohammed PBUH which corresponds to the Quranic sign that says, “thus have we sent by inspiration to thee An Arabic Quran that thou mayest warn the Mother of cities and all around her and warm them of the day of assembly of which there is no doubt: when some will be in the garden, and some in the blazing, fire” [42:7] therefore, we can realize the wisdom behind closing Makka to be the place for Kaaba and making it the center from which the Islamic message spread to all over the world. Thus, everyday science is confirming an Islamic fact, which have been revealed before fourteen centuries. Source: The scientific miracle in Islam and Sunna Nabaweyya. By: Mohammed Kamil Abdel Samad.