The prophet Mohammed PBUH said what is not allow by sucking is same as what is not allowed by lineage Agreed up on The scientific researches now proofed this fact. It is now discovered that there are some kinds of bodies in the milk of the mother. When the child sucks the milk of the mother it contributes to the formation of immunization bodies in theformed after the child. These immunization bodies get formed after the child takes three to fire satiation sucking. Naturally three to fire satiation are sufficient doses for the forma tion of the immunizing bodies not only in human child but also in the newborn animals. When the newborn child sucks milk from his mother he acquires some special hereditary Shawmut eristics from the milk of the mother or the woman who provides him sucking consequent they the sucking child acquire traits of similarity with his brother sister or the child who sucked from the same woman before. There it was found that it made and afemal who once sucked from the mother or the same woman get married signs of a disease may appear in them. Therefore we can understand the signififice behind prohibiting of marriage between sister or between a made or female who sucked milk from one woman Brothers by sucking Source Scientific Miracles in Owar Sunna Nabawya By Mohamed Kamil Abdel Samad Therefore Kinship is established acquired transferred by lineage in this process genes get transferred from the milk of the sucking giver pierce into the cells of the sucker get merged with its series of genes. This indicates that the milk of the sucking offerer contains more than the natural swore of human genes is the AND cells.Morever the hereditary system of the child accepts the strange genes because it is not mature just like the many other pants of the child body which do not complete the process of its development maturity before many moths or years after birth. There fore it kinship by sucking is viewed according to this theory then it will have a series importance in various applications. Source: Sciences Ouran By Dr. Mohammed Jameel EL- HABBAL Dr. Magdad Maree EL Jawari