The Sea Barrier

The modern photographs of the seas proofed that seas don’t share the same characteristics of formation. They differ in their Tempe retune degree of salt density percentage of Oxygen. Photograph which has been picked by a satellite showed each sea in different colour. some of them are dark blue some other are black some are yellow It was basically due to the variation in temperature which surround in sheen each sea The photogravure has been picked up according to the temperature characteristics . The modern means of science has found barrier between seas The water of the seas doesn’t Mix and intermix but controlled by their aviation characteristics . Water of seas may meet together yet deep separate as it there was abarrier or partition between then . Each ivy works to maintain its own peculiar char aclievistics . in this regard Outran says He has let free the two bodies of the flowing water meeting to gather Between them is abarrier which they don’t tanagers (55:19-20) Therefor the Barrier maintains sustains the peculiar characteristics of each sea even if a group of seas meet together. Source: Material Evidence of Existence of Allah By Skaikh Mohammed Mutwail El Sharawi