The Iron

In the conference of scientific Miracles of the holy outran a famous scientist of NASA the American space Agency stated that they have made many expercinents on many kind of minerals found now on Earth but the only mineral which puss led the scientists is the iron. Iron has asistinguis led characterizes abilities. The elections and neutrons of the iron need ahugr every to get united fused. However this energy is four times of the energy available now in our galaxy. Therefore this is an evident that iron has not been formed on earth. It is a strange clement which might hew come to the Earth. Allah says. “And We Sent down Iron In which is material for Mighty war as well as Many benefits for mankind That Allah may test who it is that will help Unseen Him and His apostles: For Allah is full of strength exalted in Might able to enforce His Will (57:25) Swore: Material Evidence of the Existence of Allah By Shaikh Mohammed Mutwali El- Shaarawi iro-23