Billow Topped by Billow

Billows topped by billows. This is a fact revealed by Quran before fourteen centuries, however, now modern science has confirmed it. Modern science has reached to this fact after establishing hundreds of sea stations by pictures taken by satellites. This fact was said by professor Rashryder a German sea scientist. Before hearing Quran he used to say that the more science advances the more religion retreats. But after hearing this Aaya from Quran he stated that it could not be the product of human intellect. He means that it is a divine word. Professor Dorjaro, the teacher of sea Geology confirmed what Quran said before fourteen centuries. First we have to look at what Quran has said. It says “Or (the unbelievers state) is like the depths of darkness in a vast deep ocean, over whelmed with billow Topped by billow, Topped by (dark) clouds: Depth of darkness, one above another: of a man stretches out his hand he can hardly see it! For any to whom Allah giveth not light. There is no light” [24:40]. Professor Dorjaro says that in the past man was not capable of diving into the depth of a sea for more than twenty meters without using necessary equipments. But now we can dive into the depth of deep seas and oceans with the help of modern equipments, however, when we go deep into the oceans and deep seas we find the depth very dark. Just at the depth of two hundred meters it is very dark. The modern discoveries of the depth of deep seas gave us real reflection of the picture given in the holy Quran “deep ocean” “Depth of darkness, one above another”. It is well known that the spectrum has seven different colors. We may mention for example the red, the yellow, the blue, the green, the orange etc… As we go to the depth of a sea we will find that these colors start disappearance of each color will give more darkness. The first disappear is the red, then the orange, then the yellow and the last color to disappear is the blue color which disappear at the depth of about two hundred meters. As each color disappears, as darkness becomes denser till we reach to a state of an over whelming darkness. Regard the Quranic saying “billow topped by billows” it is scientifically evident that there is a demarcation line, a partition, a division between the deep part of the sea and its upper part. This demarcation line of dividing part is full of waves. These waves break and neutralize the light of the sun and consequently it fails to go to the depth of the sea due to wares. This is a scientific discovery made now in the modern age, but Quran has explained it in detail before fourteen centuries. Professor Dorjaro himself stated that what Quran has explained can not be a human knowledge of that time. He means that it is divine revelation from Allah to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Source: Material Evidence for the Existence of Allah. By: Shaikh Mohamed Mutanabi Elsharaowi.