The Breakaway of Day-time

New & Modern science discovered that Night is surrounding the earth from all directions & the part which the Day-time get formed on it is the air which surround the earth. It is in the form of a thin crust, which resemble the skin. When the earth rotates it sloughes off the thin Day-time state which has been reigning as a result of the reflections of the sun ray which falls on the air molecules of the sun and consequently formed the daytime. As a result of this rotation the Day-time breaks away (sloughes off) from Night. Allah the Exalted in Might says “And a sign for them is the Night. We withdraw therefrom the day, and behold They are plurged in Darkness” [36:37] Source : “The Book of Monotheism” Part I By : Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani Quran has revealed the globular shape of the earth not only in single Quranic verse but this fact has been revealed in many Quranic verses. Why? Because it is an important cosmic issue. The other holy Books which have been revealed to Prophets who came before Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Them All) all those Books have been distorted by their own people. Those distorted Book fabricated a conflict between religion and science and even persecuted some scientists. To eliminate the effects of the distortion of the other holy Books. Quran has been revealed and it offered us successive evidence of the globular nature of the earth. Allah Exalled in Might says “It is permitted to the sun to catch up the moon nor can Night outstrip the Day, the moon, nor can the Night outstrip the Day, Each just swims along in (its own) orbit (According to Law)” [36:40]. Before Islam Arabs used to think that only the Day-time does not precede the Night and not vice versa also. This Quranic sign came as a reply to them. It explained to them that neither can the Day-time precedes the Night, nor can the Night precede the Day-time. Both are present on the Earth and there is no change in the basic norms and laws of the cosmos. They remain the same and will go on till the Day of Judgement. If the shape of the earth was square, rectangle, sixfold or in any shape other than the globular shape, Day-time would have been created first at the time of cosmos creation. But Day-time and Night can not be present at a single time on the surface of the earth unless the earth is globular. The globular shape of the earth allows half of the earth to be in Night time and the other half in Day-time. To confirm this fact, Allah the Exalted in Mighty mentioned it in another Quranic sign that states “And it is He Who made the Night and day to follow each other such as have the will to celebrate His praises or to show their gratitude” [25:65] What does “to follow each other” mean? It means that Day-time and Night succeed each other. It is just like the guard shift. For example, in a factory which works for twenty-four hours, there will be two or three shifts of guards. Three groups of guards will succeed each other. However since it is a continuos process, then it is not possible to name any of these groups to be the first and the other to be second. Because it is a continuous circulating process. They just succeed each other. Each one can be the end and the beginning at the same time. Therefore in the above Quranic sign we find that Day-time and Night have been created and made available at one on different parts of the earth but it mentions that they succeed each other. This indicates the fact of the globular nature of earth as well as its continuous rotation around itself and its orbiting around the sun. Allah says that at the time of creation, Day-time and Night were in the process of succeeding each other, they were to XXX each other. Neither of them has preceded the other. No place on the earth experiences a Day-time nor it experiences a continuous Night. If the earth was fix and does not rotate then daytime and Night would be stable and fix, each on its own part of the earth. But the above Quranic verse indicates explicitly, that due to the globular as well as rotating nature of the earth, Night and day time follow each other. Source : “Material Evidence for Existence of Allah” By : Shaikh Mohammed Mutwali El Sharaawi.