Globular Nature of Earth

The holy quran is the word of Allah . it is our way of worship up to the judgement day . this means that there is no contradiction between what it says and what the new scientific discovers say . however , quran must be understood properly so that to confirm the concerns of the new scientific discoveries , because many scientific statements of today may be refuted tomorrow there fore they must be dealt with carefully when we try to see it significance in quran Allah says “ and the land we have spread out [15:19] spread means stretched however this quanic verse combines language and its effectiveness after almost fact which human intellect it discovers after almost one thousand and five hundred years .when the verse mentioned that the earth is stretched it did not mean that the whole shape of the earth is stretched but it addressed man that wherever the moves he will always find the earth gets stretched before him . man who;; might get confounded by an adage of earth where he will find space . if the shape of the earth was square or rectangle or in any shape other than globular man would have get confronted by an adage where he sees the end of the surface of the earth and the begging of the space man to come back to the same point from where he moved as the globular shape , man in this movement from the starting point and coming back to the same point will always find the earth stretched before him therefore the above mentioned quince verse miraculously indicates the appearance as well as the reality this makes quran as the first book which pointed out that the earth is round Not only this but another quince verse states also that the earth rotates around itself around the sun ( he created the heavens sand the earth in true (proportions) he makes the night overlap the day and the day overlap the night , he has subjected the sun and the moon ( to his law ) each one follows a confess for a time appointed is not he the excalted in power – “he who forgives again and again” [39:5] this verse shows that day and night overlap each other systematically this cannot take place unless the earth is globular when half of the earth is in day time the other half would by in night time , the earth was not globular the space of day and night would have not be equal . today after science has advanced man discovered from the space that when half of the earth is lighted the other half would merman dark . If we want another evidence which confirm the earth notices and it radiate around the sun we can examine the quranic verse which says “thor seest the mountains and thickest them firmly fixed but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away (such is ) the artistry of Allah . who disposes of all things in perfect order : for he is well acquainted which all that ya do”[27_88] this verse that our sight may not sometimes see the actual course of thing if we look at a mountain we may think that it is firmly fixed but actually it is moving and it movement is part of the earth movement with that of the Claud so that is make the meaning clear for the sensuous looker , mountains also move , but their movement is part of the movement of earth as they as situated on earth the earth votaries m therefore naturally it rotates with its contents snide we don’t feel the process of earth rotator we cannot feel the movement of the content which is fix on earth therefore the verse present the clouds which are in the atmosphere to clarify the whole process in relation to the mountains and earth . However , this quranic verse calls upon us to open our eyes and examine quran carefully and see the miraculous nature of quran . if we do so it would be more clear that it is a holy book revealed by more clear that it is a holly book revealed by Allah to his prophet Mohammed PBUH We will also release that there is no contradictions between quran and cosmic realities and facts which are being discovered now , quran has already revealed these comic venalities and facts since a long time , however the human interred is releasing it too late after almost fourteen centuries ,