Birth Control

The prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said marry the affect innate,the fertile (Refer to Abu Daud& ELMissaee) this saying of the pamphlet clearly and directly asks Muslims not to adopt Birth Control or any similar idea. Now, It is scientifically & medic cally proofed that the use of any kind of birth control measures (Contraceptives) has an adverse effect on the heath of the mother It is usell known that the woman’s reproduce this system controls and organists the functioning of many reproduce hormones achich are secreted by the font part of the pituitary gland & the ovary in the Matura conditions these hormones are released in a balanced quantity. Because it they are esccessively secreted or it there is a shortage in their quantity then it is an indilation of a discase. Therefor, the current medical circles admit that the contraleptires which are in use now are harwful to health. The latest vesearches in this field show that these controaleptuies cause howmonic imbalance increase the weigh of the body, gather undesirable liquids in the boddy, cause chronic inflamation in the reproductwe organs of the mother , increase the possibilities of deadly heart attack for those whose age gas transcend thirty year’s of the possibilities increase with use who translended the age of fourty . The news agents released ther news of the death of a ritish woman who used to ftake contracepture tablets. She used to take valdan tablets for about eight years and then she changed for another tablet called Mithoclor according to a medical advise after some weeks she fell ill and became a captive of bed . Her health deteris rated and then she died. Now it is proofed that the use of contraceprires, particularly, the tablets causes some kinds of cancers the prophet (PBUTT) also warned against feeding the child by the milk of the mother it themother becomes pregnant.because post pregancy sucking makes the child body weak. If we meditate about this islamic guidance we find that there should be three years gap between each pregnaly and this is the optimum period which serves both the mother and the cild as well. In this regard Awarn says “The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years, it the gather desives to complete the term” [the cow:233]thus, organizing and planning the process of begetting and sucking is encowraged by religion as to gives the mother a chance to restore her health and offers the child achance to get fed properly by the mothers milk. Whereas contraceptuis harm both of them. Unfortunately, some Muslim countries are falling prey to the propaganda of birth control under the pretesct of confronting so and economic chall enges. They derote for these compaign huge amount of money which could have been invested in productire economic and social projects. A secret report from one of the Arab countries reveals that the money spen on the birth control compaign in only one year and which covers the cost of cars, doctors, nurses, medicines, surgical operations, hospitals etc is enough to take caer of a million child whereas the percentage of increase in the number of children does not make their member more the quarter of a million child. Moreover, many islamic csuntrees gave the potentiatities of huge productive progects which can adequate ample opportion ities fffor future workers lohereas these countries are suffeving from shortage in labour power and they are forced to ceeruit large numbers of non Muslim labours from Asua ,Eurepe, America etc. so that to accomplish the planned projects . On the others hand, there are somke islamic countries which are facing over population and at the same time they don,t have enough capitals to erect productere projects which can give chance of survire to the surplus of man power, benefit them and the country as well then why a kind of cooperation berween over populated and under populated Muslim countries is not planned for so that to achieve a mutual benefit and so that to optiming the use of the available resources which is more than sufficient for the present and future generations it is properly utilized. The escample of Japan, the over populated country, is clear before our eyes. Therefore the prophet of islam (PBULT) encouraged us to marry the affectionate; th fertile. Source: (ELIEJAZ EL ILMI, ISLAM,EL SUNNAS EL NABAWIA)