The Fetus

When the microscope was invented in the end of 17th century and it enable man to see the human sperm, though human being to be like a small tree, a reduced creature which exists in the sperm. Scientists, at the time, started drawing imaginary shapes to the reduced man inside the sperm and they thought that man exists inside the woman’s womb he grows and develops. However it is just before sixty years the man came to know that it is us so but man comes into existence after crossing many stages of development and growing. It means that it was just since sixty years that man came to know a fact whereas the same fact has been revealed in the Holy Quran before the fourteen centuries. Shaikh El Zindani says that they met a major American scientist by the name of Prof. Marshal Jonson. They told him that in Quran it is mentioned that the creation of a human being is accomplished through many stages. When he heard this he stood up and said : “stages ?! We told him that Quran revealed this before fourteen centuries. He claimed by saying that this is impossible … impossible … We asked them why do you rule it as impossible? We told him that Quran says “He makes you in the wombs of your mothers, in stages one after another, in three walls of darkness” [39:6]. We also gave him the Quranic verse that says “ What is the matter with you, that ye place not your hope for kindness and long suffering in God. Seeing that it is He that has created you in diverse stages ?” [71:13-14]. He sat on the chair and said in meditation : I have the answer : There are only three possibilities : The first is that Mohammed was having a huge microscope which enable him to examine and study these things and consequently, he realized what people were not knowing and then he said these facts : The second possibility is that said these facts by chance and the third possibility is that he is a Prophet of Allah who revealed the facts to him. We said to him : Lets take these possibilities one by one regarding the possibility which claims that the Prophet was having a microscope is not right. Because a microscope is a complicated which needs manufactured lenses and electronic equipment in addition to technical expert and sometimes electricity also, all these were not available at all at that time of the Prophet PBUH. Therefore it is a baseless claim. The second possibility which claims that the Prophet has said the facts by chance cannot be accepted. Because Quran has mentioned this fact not only in a single verse but in many verses. Moreover, Quran dealt with the stages of human creation in detail. Therefore it cannot be a chance dealing, but a dealing which came from a well knowing resource. At this point the American scientist; Then don’t u have any other interpretation ? He replied that there is no other interpretation except that is a divine revelation ! The sperm of man fertilizes the ovum of the woman, The door is closed in the face of any other sperm and the creation begins. Allah says “ Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay) Then We placed him As (a drop of) sperm, in a place of rest, Firmly fixed ;” [23:12-13] The stages of creation goes-on according to systematic proportions. Quran says “Woe to man ! What hath made him Reject God From what stuff Hath He created him? From a sperm-drop. He hath created, and then molded him in due proportions; [80:17-19] Who said to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH which revealed this. Quran says “That He did create In pairs – male and female, from a seed when lodged (in its place): [53:45-46] At the time of the process of fertilization which takes place in the womb of the mother the sex of the new creature is determined. Who told the Prophet Mohammed PBUH all this? Until 1940s, when the electronic microscope was discovered, Man was not knowing at which stage of creation in the womb of the mother does the sex of the creature is determined? But when Quran and since fourteen centuries explained it clearly. Whoever wants to confirm this fact can refer to the books of interpretations. Even the Prophet PBUH told us where does the fertilized cell settle? How is its condition before settlement. The Prophet Mohammed PBUH says “The angel enters to the fertilized cell after it settles”[Refer to Ahmed in Musanad] The term “settles” means that it was not in the state of settlement. It was moving. A part of it came from the father and other part from the mother and together the formed a fertilized cell which buries itself in the womb. Then what happen after its settlement The Prophet Mohammed PBUH said that “The angel enters to the fertilized cell after it settles in the womb by about forty of forty five (days)” Who told the Prophet Mohammed PBUH all these minute scientific details? Who told him about the final settlement of the fertilized cell … about its plantation in the womb … about the determination of sex … etc ? Now the medical books call the stage of settlement as the stage of planting. The medical circles think that they are the first who coined such agricultural metaphor to speak about the process of human creation, but before them Quran described mothers by saying that “Your wives are as a tilth unto you”[2:223] It means that she is the fertile place to plant the next generation. The womb of the mother forms its inner cover from the fertilized cell. The fertilized cell sinks into the womb. The process of sinking of the fertilized cell is an indication of a beginning of a serious task; that the creation of a human being. In Quran the term “sinking” is a term which has two meanings. One of these two meanings indicates the relation of the man with the womb of his mother. The other meaning has come as follows “When the world went forth: “ O earth ! Swallow up Thy water, and O sky with hold (thy rain) and the water abated” [11-44]. Here the word “abated” has two meanings, the water abated means that it decreased, and it also means that it sank. Therefore the fertilized cell abated’ has also the same two meanings. It means that the fertilized cell has sank so that to stick to the wall of the womb and also decreased so that to create the placenta. A part of it will create the placenta and another part will go on the process of creation. Allah, the Exalted in might says “God doth knows what every female (womb) doth bear”. By how much the wombs Fall short(of their time or number or do exceed. Every single thing is before His sight, in (due) proportion”[13:18] What goes on inside the womb is a challenge to science and scientists. Science now claims that it can know whether the new creature in the womb is a male or female. But it can do so only after the creation has already taken-place. It cannot know many aspects of the process of creation such as the destiny of the new creature, whether blessed or miserable? For how long he will live ? When he will die? Only Allah knows these facts. Quran says “Verify the knowledge of the hour is with God (alone) it is He Who sends down the rain, and what is that he will earn on the morrow Nor does any one know in what land he is to die ainted (with all things)”(31:34). No one can know, minutely what is going on in the womb and what is the affairs of the child inside and outside the womb. These are the knowledge of mystery and only Allah has its keys. Allah releases knowledge related to this and which concerns each new creature to angels. Therefore angles come to know about it from Allah. No body can know these mysterious things. It is as mysterious as the attempt to give two cues of bricks to a builder and ask him to build. He will not know what kind of building is required, a school, a hospital, a house etc. Therefore nobody can know the characteristic of the fetus in the womb of the mother. Because at the initial stage of creation each organ is represent by only one cell. Shaikh Zindani says that he asked Prof. Marshall Johnson if he has tried to know the future the future characteristics of the child at the stages of fetus. He said that he tried to do so by studying hereditary chromosomes and he continued to experiment for ten years so that to know the future destiny of the creature who will come out of the fetus subject to study. Then Zindani asked him what the result was. He said that the result was that he wept !!! Zindani inquired why he wept. He replied that he wept because he failed to know any thing. Then Shaikh Zindani informed the American scientist that he was in a futile effort which would not enable him to achieve any result. Because he will not know these things. It is mysterious knowledge which only Allah knows. The stage of sperm “fertilized cell” is a closed stage which will not give any information to man about the characteristics of the new creature. It is the stage of fetus sticking on the wall of the womb and becomes firmly fixed in the womb of the mother. It is only at the stage of further development that man can know the sex of the child and the possible or probable date of its birth and some other minor information which are not crucial as far as the characteristic and destiny of the child are concerned. The Quranic verse number [32:12-13] are followed by other signs which give more minute details about the process of creation in the womb of the mother. It says “Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; “We usually know a kind of a clot which exists in water and remaining ready to hangs to the mouth of animals. Its aim is to suck the blood of the animal. It is called water clot because it hangs to the wall of the womb to suck blood and it is also surrounded by a liquid. Then the following stage is called a lump. Quran says “Then of that clot We made a (fetus) lump;” It is called so because it is similar to be a material cheated by the teeth and which changes its shape after each chewing. It indicates a vigorous process of creation. So traces which resemble the trace of the teeth-chewing appear in it. It takes different shapes and gives a gradual appearance to some main parts of the would-be complete apparent shape of the child. It does not give a complete shape of the final shape. It represents complete and incomplete cells of growing bones. The main bones and the minor bones. Therefore Quran described it as “Then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed[22:5]. Who told all these to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Was he possessing an electronic microscope? Whole of the creative is not more than one centimeter only. Then comes the stage of bones. The lump starts turning into bones. Quran says “then We made out of that lump Bones”. In the past scientists and doctors used to think that bones and flesh are simultaneously created. But it is not so. Bone are firstly created then enclothed by flesh. This is Quranic fact. Quran goes on and says “and clothed the bones with flesh”. In the stage which follows the clothing of bones by flesh, the child witnesses a rapid development and growing and qualifies himself to receive the spirit, the soul. He came to existence an alive human being. Quran indicates this fact by saying “Then We developed out of it another creature, so blessed be God, The Best to Create”. Here the term, “developed” means the making or creating (the child) is a distinguished and distinct creature. He is composed of body and soul who will come out to the world and represent other generation Who may contribute to the process of Earth Rehabilitation. But man is born to die. And after his death, he will be resurrected again. The same Quranic verse says “After that, at length Ye will die. Again on the Day of Judgement, will Ye be Raised up.”[32:12-13]. These verses give the process of creation, final shape of creation, death and finally raising up on Judgement Day. It gives the stages of human creation. Thy also show human destiny, death and trial. These Quranic verses are strong evidence that Quran is a divine revelation and the Prophet Mohammed PBUH is the messenger from Allah. Quran disclosed scientific facts which were not known to Men and only in the modern age man is gradually recognizing them. Source : Science in the Path for faith By : Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani