The Skin

People used to think that whole the body of the human being is sensitive. They used to think that wherever it is inflicted it will pain. Howerve as the science of Anatomy advanced it realized that not whole human body is sensitive. It discovered that only the skin is the sentries. Part of the body. The evidence is that if a person takes a need and penetrates it into his body he will fuller feel pain only when the needle afflicts it self on and through the skin but when it reaches the flesh inside the body the flesh will not give any sign of pain. When the scientists examined the skin under the Microscope they found that the web of the nervous system is an integral fart of the skin. Moreover they found that nerves are of different types. Some of these nerves are sues it we to touch, some are sensitive to pressure, some are sensitive to heat others are sensitive to cold All these are concentrated with in the layer of human skin Therefore when unbeliever are thrown into hell on the judge meant day the fire burns him however when their skin get burnt it will be replaced by another new skin. Quern says Those who reject Our signs, We shall soon Cast into the fire. As often as their skins are routed through we shall change them for fresh skins that they may taste the penalty For Allah is Exalted in POWER Wise (4:56) Allah informs us that he will change the roasted skins of the unbelievers with new skins so that they will taste the pain to true of fire. Another Ouranic verse display what the unbelievers will drink its effect on their bowels. It says unbelievers. Shall dwell forever. In the fire and be given to drink boiling water so that it cut up their bowels (to pieces)? (47:15). In the previous Ouranic Verse skins were associated with pain to true therefor after getting roasted they will be replaced by new skin so that to perpetuate a continuous to true pain on the unbelievers. However the second Ouranic verse tells us that the unbelievers bowels will be torn up by special water which has extreme neat. Now modern anatomy found that human bowel has no nerves therefore it do sent feat the heat and Cold. Therefore the Ouranic verse stated that the bowels will be torn cons equently enjoy or make use of stabling will revere enjoy or make use of what they drink or eat. It is clear that Ouran has shown us the difference between the skin the bowels as far as the nerves senses are concerned. Today modern science boasts itself of descent it whereas it is an established concept in Qurain, which was repealed to the prophet of Islam before fourteen centuries. Swore: Knowledge is the Path of faith By Shaikh Abdel Majeed EL-Zindani