The seas

Describing the mighty of Allah, Quran says, “He has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together: Between them is a Barrier which they do not transgress. Then which of the favors of your Lord will be denying? Out of them come pearls and coral” [55-19-22]. Coral is a kind of ornament that is not available except in salty seas. The above Quranic verse speaks about two salty seas but they are source of two different things. Only in 1942 Man cane to know that seas differ from each other and they are not homogeneous in their nature. In 1873 Man discovered that there some specific places in seas have water, which differ in its nature & characteristics. This has been discovered b ship challenger that went round many seas for about three years. The discovers made in that trio were considered to be the debarkation line between the traditional knowledge about seas which is full of superstitions & legends and the modern rational researches which are based investigations and experiments. That ship was the first scientific agent that found that the salty seas differ in their water quality and formation. It established stations on seas. When they compared the result of these stations they found that salty seas differ in temperature, density, sea-life and in their liability for oxygen dissolution. Only in 1942 the results of a long-time experiments appeared. It came as a result of establishing hundreds of stations on seas. For example they found that the Atlantic Ocean does not get formed from a single sea but from many different seas. The seas which contribute to the formation of the Atlantic Ocean have their own individual characteristics with regard to their density, saltiness, density and sea life as well as the dissolute oxygen. Two seas meet at a single Ocean such as the Red Sea and the Mediterian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In 1942 it was found that there are many seas which differ in their characteristics and nature. The scientists of seas say that the best description for seas is that they are not stable, the most important characteristic of seas is that they are dynamic. Tide, water currents, waves and cyclones are important factors that try to mix these seas. We may ask, why these seas do not get mixed and become homogeneous and scientists investigated. This question and they found that there is a watery barrier, which divide between each two seas meet at one place whether in an ocean or strait. There are barriers that divide between the seas. The could do so not by using eyesight but by accurate measures and investigation of the characteristics of each sea. However, the Quranic verse at this beginning of this write-up explain this fact before fourteen centuries. In other words, Quran is the divine word of Allah revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) so that to guide Man and enrich his intellect. Source: “Islam is the Treatment” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elziudani