The Chlorophyll

It is the only factory on Earth in which food is manufactured. It is a green bodies which coverts solar energy, carbon dioxide and water into food for Man and Animal. It is called chlorophyll “A”. However, “B” from of chlorophyll performs the complicated chemical reactions by the help of energy, which it extracts from the light of the sun and finally produces sugar and starch. This chlorophyll takes water molecules, oxygen and it makes out with them and what remain are four molecules of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is bisected so that part of it forms with two hydrogen molecules, water and this mixed up by transpiration and the rest get fuses with one of the molecules of the hydrogen and forms the basis of sugar and then the starch gets formed. The above formula which begins by carbon dioxide, energy, oxygen and ends into oxygen, water, glucose and glucose sugar and the later turns into starch and gets stored gets also converted into oils and if a molecules of Nitrogen is added to it, it is turned into protein. The whole process of this formula is carried out by that green factory which produces seeds and fruits. This green factory is present in each green leaf, and then who grew the plant? Who created its organs? He is Allah, the elevated, Quran says “It is He who send down Rain from the skies, with it we produce Vegetation of all kinds, from some We produce green (crops) out of which We produce grain. Heaped up (at harvest). Interpreters considered (green) as something green. Ibn El-Joozy said about (We produce green (crops) out of which We produce green Heaped up) that plant which is green. Other interpreters like Zamakhshari, Baydawi, Nasafi, Abu Elsood, Elshaikhan, El Aaloosi, El Qurtubi and Abu Hayan, all have agreed about the importance of the green parts of the plant and its role in producing fruits and seed. Many other verses of Quran give the same meaning and emphasize the great role of the chlorophyll in the production of food out of plants. Today natural science is claiming to have discovered this fact which has been revealed to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) before almost one and half century. Source: “The Cure is Islam” Abdel Majeed El-Zinadi