The Sky & The Earth

In Quran Allah says, “It is He who hath created for you all things that are on the earth; Moreover, his design comprehended the heavens, for he gave order and perfection to the seven firmaments; and of Allah things he hath perfect knowledge [2:29] in other Quranic verse he says, “Moreover, He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been as smoke” [41-11]. The earth was already created and that there was a stage of the sky stages which has been as a smoke. This the word of Allah which the science is confirming now. If anybody wants evidence, he can go to any the of telescope and see by his own eyes. He will find smoke in the sky. The remaining of the smoke is still contributing in the formation of stars and planets. If we ask a simple man or an educated man, is the smoke results of fire or the fire results from the smoke? Naturally, he will reply by saying that smoke results from fire. Then can any body think that planets and stars were, once upon a time, smoke? Can any body think that fire was once smoke? Nobody will think about it. But it is confirmed by the holy Quran “Moreover, he comprehended in his design the sky, and it had been as smoke, he said to it and to the earth ‘come together, willing or unwillingly’ they said: ‘We do come (together) in willing obedience” [41-11] When the earth entered the process of formation, the scientists say that mountains came out from the depth of the earth by the process of volcanoes. Different mountains came into existence by the activities of volcanoes which throw out the materials of mountains. Examine the meaning of this Quranic verse which says, “and when the Earth is flattered out, and casts forth what is within it and becomes clean empty” [84:3-4] Has the earth castled forth what is within it before or after its formation? In other words, the mountains which have been mentioned in the Quranic sign “And the mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32] are formed by the process of casting forth. The Earth castled forth the mountain and then the water of seas, oceans and rivers have come out of the earth itself. The air with its components and the rich soil all were in side the earth. The Earth easted forth all these materials to its surface. Quran says “What! Are the more difficult to create or the heaven (above)? (God) hath constructed it: on high hath he raised its canopy and he hath given it order and perfection. It is night doth He Endow with darkness and its splendor doth he bring out (with light). And the earth, moreover, Hath he extended (to a wide expander) he draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture. And the mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32]. The above verses show the abundance of boons bestowed by Allah upon those who live on earth. But after this display of abundant boons, the verses which follow them states “Therefore, when there comes the great, over whelming (event). The Day, when Man shall be placed in full view for all to see” [79-34-36] if we examine all these Quranic verses told us many facts. Some of these facts are confirmed by science now as admitted by contemporary scientists. Scientists studies the sky and the earth and found many facts which were already mentioned in Quran before fourteen centuries. They realized the truth contained in these verses after studying the earth, its creation and the beginning of the creation of its resources, and as they realized the truth of the process of the beginning if the earth creation they must realize the truth and the significance contained in the Quranic signs which display the process of the end of the creation, as it is mentioned in the second part which says, “Therefore, when there comes the great, overwhelming (event). The day when man shall remember (all) that he store for” when all of us, me and you, remember what we have done. Every one will get his dues. Quran goes on saying “then, for such as had transgressed all bounds, and had preferred The life of this world, the abode will be hell-fire and for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord’s (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires, their abode will be the Garden” [79:37-41] Since we scientifically found the truth of the first part of the above Quranic verses, then we will definitely face the truth of the second part of Quranic signs which tells about the end of life and the emergence of Hell-fire and Garden, the transgressor of all bounds and the obedient who obey Allah. Then, every one is free to chose but he has to bear the consequences of his choice. Inside our earth there is a continuous inflammation, hot currents, melted rocks and minerals etc. it heat and turmoil are in a continuous movement. But the heart of earth, which is in a continuous turmoil as a result of its hot content, is covered by a thick and wide crust which tries to control the hot content within the heart of the earth. The thickness of this crust which act like a slab spreading – out on the surface of the earth and makes the earth livable as well as protect us from its hot inner content, its thickness is about seventy kilometers Allah provides us with means of livelihood on Earth and protected us from its hot content. The natural response which we should adopt is to worship and obey Allah. Look at this Quranic verse’ “O ye people! Adore your Guardian Lord, who created you and those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness; who has made the earth your couch” [2:21-22] Allah spread-out the Earth crust and made it as a slab, a mat that makes life on earth easier. Quran shows us the process of earth creation. It explained before fourteen centuries, but modern science has realized it only before a decode. Source: “Science is the path for faith” By: Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani